Dry Practice Drill

The Original Dry Practice Timer for your Mobile Phone.

Super Easy to Use

Dry Practice Drill is a drill timer for handgun dry practice or dry fire drills. Each drill begins with a few seconds to prepare, an audible "ready" call, then a start tone. The drill finishes with loud referee whistle.


Includes the drills and test times for Front Sight Defensive Handgun course skills test


Make your own drills or customize the pre-loaded drills without restriction. Go nuts!


Our fans drive the development of this app. When you speak, we listen.


If you are aiming to become a Front Sight Distinguished Graduate (DG), this app will soon become your best friend. The app includes the drill times and general instructions for the four day Defensive Handgun course.


You can tweak the pre-loaded drill times and instructions or add your own drills. Or both.


Our fans are a vocal bunch. When they suggest new features we do everything we can to include them in the next update. (We believe that is the best way to respond to the demands of an armed mob.)

Frequent questions

We reply to all email queries and comments. Here are the greatest hits:

How many of my own drills can I create?

We impose no limit to the number of drills you can create. You can add a zillion drills (provided your phone has enough storage space).

Where do I download the "Pro" version? (Android)

No additional download is necessary. The free Android version has the "Pro" features baked right in. When you "Go Pro" from within the app, the Pro features are unlocked immediately.

Why can't I hear anything? (iOS)

Check your device's mute switch.

How do I access the instructional videos?

This app does not contain instructional videos. For that we recommend the Front Sight app which is priced at ninety-nine dollars. Yes, dollars.

Why doesn't your app...?

We love questions like this! Tell us what you would like Dry Practice Drill to do and we will try to work it into an update.

Download it now

Join the club and start working on those skills. The Android version is free, and contains an optional "pro" upgrade. The iOS version has all the Pro features from the start.

Our Customers

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Great App and easy to use!!!! Can customize and add new drills with Pro version. Greatly improved my times. Used the App. DG'd the course. What more needs to be said?
Gregory V. Jr.

Great app for practicing and malfunction clearing. Being able to add drills and edit times in the Pro version absolutely makes it worth every penny
Jorge L.

Great Way to Organize and Motivate For those looking to bring a little more motivation and organization to their dry fire sessions, this app offers that in spades. Well worth the money.
Andy P.

Dry Practice Drill App Great program. Use it with Pelitor Ear Protection. You can practice at the range under time conditions and the beauty is cost is ZERO. Great Great application. Special Thanks to the developer.. I would give it 10 stars
Jim M.

Fantastic! Great way to prep for Distinguished. I love the repeat option. I have a shot timer and I use this app for dry practice instead. The only thing the shot timer has over this app is that it records split times. The only wat to make this app better is to have the times for the other two disciplines that have skills tests.
Brian H.

Download it now

Join the club and start working on those skills. The Android version is free, and contains an optional "pro" upgrade. The iOS version has all the Pro features right from the start.

About our team

We're a small team of over-achievers.

D. Wolvin

Developer and Mastermind

D.G. "Ready" Taylor

Expert at moving lead quickly and precisely from point A to point B. Could earn DG blindfolded.

Y. Syniavska

Graphic Artist and iOS Designer


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